Wednesday 16 May 2012

The last Deal

It was a long, hard slog trawling through Bo Deal's previous two The Chicago Code mixtapes looking for those all elusive JAMS amongst the indistinguishable slew of post-Brick Squad generic bangers, but sitting through the pair of them was made worthwhile when coming across 2010's Bananas and last year's classic Safe Sex where Bo temporarily deviated from his his usual Trappin' For Dummies game plan to have some fun. Alas, the third installment's token party cut Clap is just aiight, but, HALLEJAH!, he's finally made a kosher Trap thumper that's as 'ard as G Check but which still manages to display some of the humour that made Bananas and Safe Sex go good :

"I'm a boss, I make the moves
I do what bitch n*ggas wanna do
post up on a n*gga block, strapped up with a hunnid tools
I'm Killa Klan, whether win or lose
B.S.M, whether win or lose
Bo Deal, I been a fool
y'all wastin' time like an interlude"

Bo Deal - N*gga Rich
(From The Chicago Code 3 : Revelations mixtape; 2012)

FYI bloggaz - N*gga Rich is way better than the 'tape's single with Waka and Chief Keef that some of all y'all have been championing recently.

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brad said...

i like "murda" but still definitely goes