Wednesday 9 May 2012

Martorial elegance # 60

Summer's finally here which means that it's t-shirt weather at the weekends until it turns chilly and starts raining after 6 and you end up caught out there cold and drenched in a pub beer garden cursing humanity and scheming on jacking some pudwhapper for their jacket when they've gone for a piss.

If you wanna live a tad less trifely but still bear arms on drizzly summer nights, then scoot over to COBRASWAG and feast your eyes upon Nyquil's collection of Rap tall tees. You'll never have to worry about getting a wet arse from sitting on a damp bench again in one of these screenprinted muumuus, and the post will prepare you for an upcoming MARTORIALIST X COBRASWAG collaboration that's about to go down. Me and 'quil are more into white girls jacking their bodies than jacking poindexters for their Primark faux-Harringtons, dat's luv dere :

C-Loc ft. Boosie & Maxminelli - My Thug There
(From It's A Gamble album; 2000)

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