Saturday 12 May 2012

Beak Mill

"In my presence n*ggas better act orderly
outta-liners gettin' dealt with accordingly
pussy party ass n*ggas steady wildin' out
somebody hit him now that motherfucker hidin' out
I show respect and expect mines mutual
anything less could result in a funeral
life's too good to be lyin' inside a box
I'm with a bad bitch, we ridin' inside a drop
money on my head, but who gives a fuck?
the design on they red, who gettin' bucked?
arrows all on it pointin' to my face
me, motherfucker, me, more pies and cake
blowin' good weed, hair in the wind
I gotta make it to church, Lord knows that I sin
but Lord knows when I win I'ma do the right thing with my Devilish grin.."

Troy Ave ft. Mila Brown - Life's So Good
(From Bricks In My Backpack mixtape; 2010)

Quickly wanna point out that Troy Ave's Life's So Good is one of the few examples of N.Y throwback-Rap done right from the past couple of years being as it consciously uses the same Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes song as Azie's What's Going On, Black? and Mila Brown's crooning sounds like a vintage Vinia Mojica chorus. Whilst that new Cokeamania joint knocks, this and Dirty Martini are still Troy's best songs by a considerable distance.

So, possible future pseudonyms that Troy Ave AKA Harry Powder will go by then? Thus far I've got Sniff Tannen, Hubba Sparxxx, Michael Yay, White Schultz, Yayo Toure, Tone Coke, Pyrex Hunt, Yamuel Beckett, Bill Bricks and Michael Fishscale.


H.L. said...

Troy kind of sounds like the female version of 50 Cent. I fuck with his music though. "Dirty Martini" was brutal. Surprised NYC isn't championing his music.

Anonymous said...

Simon Yayo

step one said...

waiting on some UK road rappers to come out as Flow Calzaghe and Hustle Brandz.