Saturday, 25 October 2014

Generic list post: sequels edition

Apropos of me not wanting a post about Papa Roach being the first thing anyone sees if they accidentally stumble upon this site for the first time this weekend, here's a quick generic list of some great rap sequel songs which are either better than the songs which spawned them or worthy part deuxes to legitimate classics. New readers who are big fans of EPMD's Jane series of songs may want to jog on.

DB Tha General - Upgrade 'Em 2 (2011)
Ice Cube - Gangsta's Fairytale 2 (1992)
Lil' Boosie - My N*gga Then (2003)
De La Soul - Ego Trippin' (Part Two) (1993)
UGK - Pocket Full Of Stones Pt. 2 (1994)
Suga Free - Why U Bullshittin' Part 2 (2004)
Beanie Sigel ft. Oschino and Omillio Sparks - Tales of a Hustler Pt. 2 (2005)
OutKast - Da Art of Storytellin' (Pt. 2) (1998)
M.O.P - Downtown Swinga '96 (1996)
Soulja Boy - Zan With That Lean Part 2 (2011)
The Diplomats ft. Master P - Bout It Bout It..Part 3 (2002)
Soulja Slim ft. the No Limit roster - N.L. Party (1998)
HD of Bearfaced - 40 Glock USA (2012)
Compton's Most Wanted - Duck Sick II (1992)
Noreaga ft. Mussolini & Kool G. Rap - 40 Island (1998)


Anonymous said...

Shook Ones II >>

RIP Jane said...

40 Island is such a beast. Feel like I asked this already but whats 40 Glock User a sequel of?

1900 Hustler is another un.

hotbox said...

"Bout It 3" is clearly the winner in this group, in fact you could probably make an entire list with just No Limit songs. I nominate Mystikal's "I Smell Smoke" or "Smoked Out".

step one said...

Good list, Forgot about Gangstas Fairytale pt 2.
Would like to nominate Coming Of Age pt 2 by Jigga & Bleek and Good Times pt 2 by Ghostface.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Donal - 40 Glock User by Philthy Rich, HD & Lil' Rue.

JANE H20 said...

Who-a thats a slap

I Smell Smoke is definitely one of the goat story raps though cos it makes something as mundane as maintaining your weed habit on a routine tour stop into some epic Michael Mann cat n dog shit.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Should probably mention Here I Go by Hustle Gang & Mystikal too.

Queezy said...

No "Bom Budd 2" haha?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

How did I forget Go DJ?