Monday, 13 October 2014

Blogger blood

Thanx to future A-Wax biographer Rey for the tip off about Wax's Throwaways project. Not sure whether Bundle was a dry-run for Trust Issues or a more humourous further exploration of its theme, but it's my favourite cut on Throwaways and it really should have made the Pullin' Strings track list instead of Trap Dere. On my blog, if I'm lying may every post I love die tonight. How about that?

"She don't love me, thinks I'm ugly
Saw me in the club, threw a drink on my rugby"

A-Wax - Bundle
(From Throwaways; 2014)


Anonymous said...

oO.. Jack you was knocked out, you was on the ground with your t shirt over your head the whole fight you ain't see nuthin' ..Oo

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Man, I really can't believe he didn't put this on Pullin' Strings when it fits the album's whole Thug Deluxe 2014 vibe to a tee.

Delete Whip It and place this between Mozart and Home Wrecker in the track list.

Noble Locks said...

Got what he deserved for wearing big label ralph

d said...

I like Whip It, bit run of the mill but it goes.

He did throw a lot of the potential singles near the end for some reason, all lonely man raps up front.