Sunday 5 October 2014

Crap Thot pun here ~~~~>

It'd be a huge stretch to say that I'm a fan of this Lidl-value Loyal, but like Red Cafe & Fabolous' amusingly terrible Pretty Gang, Can't Trust Thots by Wash & French Montana is a song currently poppin' on Westwood that I should probably acknowledge before I forget it/it becomes huge. I wonder if Heaven got an alternate universe where French went to prison in 2009 instead of Max B so Max has inherited French's career?

"A thot is a girl that look for bottles as soon as she come in the club
You can find her by a table flirtin' with the ballers tryna go for a cup
The crazy part, shawty bad as fuck
Doin' squats all day, workin' on her butt
She know that it'll make a n*gga go nuts
...And that's what she wannnnt!"

Wash ft. French Montana - Can't Trust Thots
(From Can't Trust Thots single; 2014)

Would sell my own cousin Frank to Mephistopheles for a version of Feelin' Myself that Max guested on in the place of French.


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James said...

This is pretty good tho lol.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Decided that I really like this. Perfect radio jam.