Friday 31 October 2014

Generic list post: october 2014

DJ Spiral ft. Lauren Moran - Working Me Out
(From YouTube; 2013)

Round-up post of the songs I've been listening to during the month when it was discovered that Spiral from series 7 of Big Brother bodied the entire UK House revival with a single song.

Jay Ant - Ask YB (2014)
Puffy Dee - Joe Blow (1985)
DJ Quik ft. Cadillac Tweed & Suga Free - Broken Down (2014)
Vic Spencer ft. TREE - Profound (2013)
A-Wax - Bundle (2014)
Rich Gang - Flava (2014)
BeatKing & Gangsta Boo - Dirty Hoe (2014)
Legit Ballaz - Ride Slow (2006)
Wash ft. French Montana - Can't Trust Thots (2014)
Lil' Chris - Sick & Tired (2014)
T.I. ft. Boosie - Jet Fuel (2014)
Jae Murphy ft. Game, Eric Bellinger & Problem - You Playin' (This Could Be Us) (2014)
HD of Bearfaced ft. G-Dirty - Don't Like Me (2014)
Grip Plyaz - Flexin' (2014)
Fergie ft. YG - L.A Love (La La) remix (2014)

Had a minor epiphany with Don't Trust Thots after hearing it at one of Westwood's parties a couple of weeks back and decided it's not the Lidl-value Loyal but the Aldi-manuka honey-value Loyal: a cheapo version that's actually way tastier than the real thing. £4.29, y'all!


Lost Art said...

Like that Vic Spencer/Tree song a lot.

Anonymous said...

"Like A Pimp 2015" too.

Ricky Dean said...

What about the new Boosie?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Couple of songs that sound up my road, but not had a chance to listen to it properly yet.

Twitter DM Snitch said...

I was gonna cuss you for liking that Fergie song until i played it.