Thursday 9 October 2014

Kinda disappointed that Ask YB by Jay Ant isn't a concept track about YB of I'm A Jerk-fame, tbh

HBK Gang have been at their best in 2014 when they've either stuck to the She Ready/Party Ain't A Party script of talkin' slick shit over slaps that sound like subtle recapitulations of Mannie Fresh productions circa 1995 - 2004/seem like they were put together solely to soundtrack twerking videos, OR when they've created music ex nililo which sounds like absolutely nothing else in the HBK oeuvre.

The former camp is best typified by Kool John & P-Lo's Bitch I Look Good and Show Banga & Sage The Gemini's I Been That, whilst the latter camp is idealy represented by Sage The Gemini's Bad Girls and Ask YB by Jay Ant here. Don't even know how to describe this one other than it sounds a bit like Erik Satie took a trip to the Bay with Bobby Brackins, Nic Nac & Chris Brown during the Hyphy era?

"Dirty Vans, dirty denim with some holes in 'em
But I'll still take your bitch, doe
Yep, I got 100 plans to get rich
100 mo' for your bitch, doe"

Jay Ant - Ask YB
(From the internet; 2014)

That new Vell & DJ Mustard song also has a whiff of Erik Satie anout it. Did the entire Californian rap community recently hit up a double bill of Badlands and True Romance or summat?


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This is sexy.

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