Sunday 31 August 2014

Generic list post: Biting Etto edition

EttelThun just dropped a ten essential B-sides of the '80s post, ya boy Evil Ed O.G right chea couldn't resist gettin' in on the act too, if only to remind everyone that the beatbox version of Treat Her Like A Prostitute from the Teenage Love 12" is vastly superior to the Great Adventures Of.. LP version. 10 Martorialist-approved 12" exclusive B Side-only cuts of the '80s which aren't in EttelThun's list:

Doug E. Fresh & MC Ricky D - La Di Da Di (1985)
Slick Rick - Treat Her Like A Prostitute (Movie Version) (1988)
Spoonie Gee - Love Rap (1980)
Lakim Shabazz - Your Arms Too Short To Box With God (1989)
Too $hort - Girl (Cocaine Rap) (1985)
Jungle Brothers ft. Q-Tip - The Promo (1988)
De La Soul - What's More (1989)
Egyptian Lover - Livin' On The Nile (Extended Club Re-mix) (1986)
Positive K ft. King Of Chill - Step Up Front (3 Heineken Technique Mix) (1988)
Dr. Jeckyll & Mr Hyde - Doing The Do (1982)


Dan said...

Both of you are frontin' on the 12" remix of "Words I Manifest".

Fulci Lives said...

Reasons Why I Love Youtube: Fright Night 2 (1998) in HD, blud.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Awww shit.

Can't wait to see the bowling scene in HD.

Anonymous said...

In it to win it, my car windows are tinted.

THE GUY said...


da plug said...

Aint Hip To Be Labeled a Hippie>>>>

Piff said...

That Positive K remix is a doozy.

hotbox said...

Both lists are stellar; also check Special Ed's Loose Talk In The Studio (unkut comment suggestion).

The Slick Rick clip cutting off at the third verse and Pos K only having 66 views are two major youtube crimes.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Never heard that Special Ed cut before. Guud shit.