Tuesday 2 September 2014


Just some new nasty Baton Rouge bottom-runger rap to spoil your tuesday via the label of that geezer who talked shit about Kevin Gates on Young Ready's last 'tape. Lil' One Tha Champ dropped a song with Mouse a few weeks back that was rubbish, but this new track is a nice little slice of tawdry Young Ready-core, which appears to be a legitimate sub-genre of Baton Rouge-rap in 2014:

"Dress code colder than Pluto, swaggin' like I'm Obama
You n*ggas is super-lame, I put that on yo' mamma"

Lil' One The Champ ft. Scotty Cain - U Kno
(Spotted at DGB; 2014)

Lil' One The Champ out chea keepin' Louisiana's penchant for Obama jeans alive in 2014.


Bob said...

Love how BR rap has such a distinct sound.

James said...

LOL @ that "The Voice" video.