Tuesday, 30 September 2014

O.G Maco is the poor man's Grip Plyaz

Poor Grip Plyaz - always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Had he released the video for the 2014 remix of Fuck That Hipster Shit during the H*pster-gate shitstorm on the rap internet this past summer he could have done Anthony Fantano numbers instead of the Chris Ott numbers he's bound to pull in now the clip has finally hit the internet lookin' like it was shot by Robby Müller circa 1986 as Grip rides around Atlanta shinin' in a horse drawn carriage.

Grip Plyaz - Fuck That Hipster Shit 2014 remix
(From the internet/ReTURNT To Sender EP; 2014)

Feared the worst when I saw the word remix plastered across the MP3 of this 6 months ago, but in this case the 2014 version just trims a couple of minutes of fat out of the near-5 minute original and embellishes it with a few extra whooshing sound-effects. It neither improves nor decreases the quality of the song, but it does leave us with a couple of precious spare minutes we could possibly use to remind ourselves of how good Stuntman Mike/Wasaname/Child Support/Ray Lewis were too. If only more rappers were that considerate.


Zara said...

Did you know he shot a video for "Ray Lewis"?


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I did.

Feel like somebody really messed up with that song because it should have been way bigger than it was.

Anonymous said...

"ray lewis" is OK at best

Queezy said...

We are all hipsters