Monday, 8 September 2014

The whole Byrdgang's in here like Shannon Hoon was here!

Well, not quite the whole Byrdgang, but there's a 50%/10% ratio of Purple City Byrdgang and M.O.B Byrdgang in this here posse picture from 2005:

J.R Writer and Ike Eyes are also present, but I dunno if the other blokes are big-time NY drug dealers who were a crucial part of the rap landscape at the time like Killer Ben, Rap Supreme, Kelvin "50 Cent" Martin et al in the Paid In Full posse picture, or just a bunch of weed-carrier's weed-carriers? Whoever the other goons may be, this JPG is more important to the overall history of New York rap than 97% of the music to emerge from NYC thus far in 2014.

And so here's a generic list of 10 A-Mafia songs that are 2000 light years better than Bobby Shmurda's Hot N*gga but which weren't afforded the same level of attention/support because A-Mafia can buy beer legally and NYC is a city run by Ken Kaniff & Cyril Smith type creeps. As FEAR nearly once opined and Das Racist recently proved, New York's alright if you like sex offenders:

Jim Jones & A-Mafia - The 'Jects remix (2003)
A-Mafia - Hell For A Hustla (2003)
A-Mafia - Everywhere (2004)
A-Mafia & 40 Cal - 40th Boys (2005)
A-Mafia - 1000 Grams (2010)
A-Mafia - Love Train (2011)
A-Mafia ft. 2 Chainz - Real Live Pro remix (2011)
A-Mafia - Wayne Perry (2011)
A-Mafia - Realest N*gga In My City (2012)
A-Mafia - Story Of My Life (2012)


yeldarb said...

i recognise 2 of these guys...agallah and max b

Anonymous said...

Dude next to A-Mafia looks familiar too.

Catfish said...

This gotta be the worst year ever for ny rap.

Anonymous said...

Is that 2 gun Un Kasa in the camo fitted?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It is.

Gotta admire Un's commitment to always wearing a New Era that was at least 2 sizes too big for his head.

R.I.P Doug Hopkins said...

The whole Byrd Gang's in here like the dude from the Gin Blossoms who committed suicide was here

Anonymous said...

40th Boys a Dipset classic u heard.