Friday 5 September 2014

Wanted dead or alive: Dorrough edition

Dorrough Music ft. Lil' Boosie - Beat Up The Block
(From the internet; 2014)

Man, I swear Dorrough is trollin' me here since his latest cut Beat Up The Block has a title that's somewhat reminiscent of the song of his I've been lookin' for a good quality MP3 of for about 3 years now to no avail:

"I'm a grizzly boy straight out the zoo
Shockin' hoes like Pikachu
Surprisin' n*ggas like peek-a-boo with the okie-doke or the switcheroo"

Dorrough Music - Swangin' Beatin' Down Blvd
(From Dallas mixtapes; 2006 or 2007/The Vault mixtape; 2011)

A Texan cousin of DJ Unk's Comin' Down Da Street, Swangin' Beatin' Down Blvd was one of Dorrough's early tracks which was big in Dallas around 2006/2007 but then ended being up cut from his debut album for some silly reason, and it's now been wiped from the internet at the behest of Bob Perry even though it's never officially been available for sale digitally. Best shit Dorrough's ever made and ever likely to make, and I'd probably donate one of my pinky toes to get a good quality MP3 of it.

If one of eOne Entertainment's unpaid interns sees this post when they're Googling for illegal links of their material then tell your bosses to put that CDQ MP3 of Swangin' Beatin' Down Blvd up for sale on Amazon.

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Queezy said...

"Walked That Walk" was coo as far as older Dorrough cuts go