Tuesday 19 August 2014

Another mystery solved

Thanx to Jeff for comin' through with the info on the mystery Right Now song. Can't even front, I'm actually feelin' this shit now I've heard it in full because it's kinda like a Yo Gotti song as performed by one of Hot Stylz:

"Uh, I feel like Superman right naw
Up-up-and-away with your hoe, change your plans right naw
In the club diddy boppin', watch me do my dance right naw
Said she wanna make a movie, I'ma call Stan right naw"

Looni - Right Now
(From the internet; 2014)

Am I trippin' or is that really a Mark Rogowski reference in the second verse when dude says "the house smell like a dead body right naw/I'm lookin' out for Gator & Janoski right naw"?

There's also a version of this shit on YouTube where Looni performs it acapella while beating on his chest. Not so much "half man, half amazing" as half Matthew McConaughey in The Wolf Of Wall Street, half Alpoko Don:


yeldarb said...

this is hot

Lost Art said...

The black Janoskis were called Gators because they were made out of alligator skin but that doesn't really make sense as a line in this context.

d said...

This tunes a tune, Westwood still the goat white ppl.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Where are Rap Genius when I need them?