Sunday 3 August 2014

King Kut (no Word Of Mouth ft. DJ Cheese)

Feel obliged to point out that Freeze Tag Booty guy's other 2013 local hit which is now quietly making its way to radio in 2014 is another stonker of a tune if you disregard the remix featuring Tits Ross entirely. This original pre-MMG solo version of Lum Lum is the sort of hard-bitten, strip club-friendly Miami street rap that was spunked from the same loins as Dank and Shut Up, and lord knows Florida could do with more rap music which bears the DNA of JT Money and Trick Daddy right now:

"My n*ggas gon' shoot, your n*ggas gon' run
My hoes gon' fight, your hoes get jumped
Lum lum lum lum....LUM
Lum lum lum lum....LUM"

K Kutta - Lum Lum
(From Lum Lum single; 2013)


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Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I know what a Numb Numb is, and I know what a Lumba is but I have no idea what a Lum Lum is.