Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Bitch, I'm on a roll like 7-Eleven

Here's a new Lil' Debbie song where she hops off the good ship Ratchet of $lot Machine and Work The Middle to try some contemporary Bay Area rap in the vein of D-Lo or DB Tha General, which is the type of music she should have been making all along since 2012 as opposed to RiFF RaFF fanboy Tumblr-bait like Brain Freeze and Squirt. Ol' girl has been killin' shit the past couple of months but U.E.O.N.O it because you're still out chea RiFF RaFF-plaining and pretending like his rap jig wasn't up the moment Lil' Momma I'm Sorry turned out to be a TKO Capone song:

"Mind on my money 'til I cash that shit
Took a couple l's, got the last laugh, bitch!"

Lil' Debbie - I Do My Thang
(From California Sweetheart 2 EP; 2014)

Since Debbie is also "half Italian if that help out any" this makes her the best (off-)white rapper since A-Wax.


Queezy said...

She has a song with MPA Shitro on that ep lmao.

Anonymous said...

please stop.

it's not funny

THE GUY said...


Zara said...

I don't want to like.

But i do like.

2SHIN said...

marty being into lil debbie is a top 5 storyline of 2014. soderberg's "rap bro" shots got you shook innit.

side note: is lil debbie actually the most attractive woman in the world?

i vote yes

Si Mane Price said...

Lil' Debbie's 1 good tooth is to men what D'Angelo's six-pack was to women.

I liked Kreayshawn too! Plus ya boy been had a thing for Italian American chick rappers ever since Tarrie B dropped Murder She Wrote.

Blast said...

"Parody" slaps.