Tuesday 5 August 2014

Bitch, I'm on a roll like 7-Eleven

Here's a new Lil' Debbie song where she hops off the good ship Ratchet of $lot Machine and Work The Middle to try some contemporary Bay Area rap in the vein of D-Lo or DB Tha General, which is the type of music she should have been making all along since 2012 as opposed to RiFF RaFF fanboy Tumblr-bait like Brain Freeze and Squirt. Ol' girl has been killin' shit the past couple of months but U.E.O.N.O it because you're still out chea RiFF RaFF-plaining and pretending like his rap jig wasn't up the moment Lil' Momma I'm Sorry turned out to be a TKO Capone song:

"Mind on my money 'til I cash that shit
Took a couple l's, got the last laugh, bitch!"

Lil' Debbie - I Do My Thang
(From California Sweetheart 2 EP; 2014)

Since Debbie is also "half Italian if that help out any" this makes her the best (off-)white rapper since A-Wax.


Queezy said...

She has a song with MPA Shitro on that ep lmao.

Anonymous said...

please stop.

it's not funny

THE GUY said...


Zara said...

I don't want to like.

But i do like.

2SHIN said...

marty being into lil debbie is a top 5 storyline of 2014. soderberg's "rap bro" shots got you shook innit.

side note: is lil debbie actually the most attractive woman in the world?

i vote yes

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Lil' Debbie's 1 good tooth is to men what D'Angelo's six-pack was to women.

I liked Kreayshawn too! Plus ya boy been had a thing for Italian American chick rappers ever since Tarrie B dropped Murder She Wrote.

Blast said...

"Parody" slaps.

d said...

Man - the plot thickens re A-Wax being the best white rapper since adam horowitz


was it just a sarcastic reference??

d said...

honorable mentions to Bubba Lil Wyte and The Shark

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

When is A-Wax gonna rep his Polski side tho?

d said...

Look Im no expert on the american penal system but from what Ive gathered bout it from netflix documentaries and the goat ex con agony aunt Big Herc on youtube, theyre strictly racially segregated. idc what his parents or Husalah say, A-wax became a blood in prison: A-Wax is a black man.

Miklo from Blood in Blood Out & Alvarez from Oz had to go the extra mile just for looking a bit pasty ffs