Thursday 21 August 2014

Harold Bishop Lamont

Remember that Hit Boy beat with the tuba which Nicki Minaj dissed Lil' Kim about selling her album on Paypal over? It now has a new home:

Rich Boy ft. Game - Ridin' Thru My City
(From t'internet; 2014)

Nas was a gun (™ Thun), Rich Boy is a bus - you sit around waiting for him to turn up for ages and then he pops up twice like WAT. Hit Boy productions which resist the urge to go all Jon Brion-meets-Michael Bay in their final third are the best kind of Hit Boy productions; also see: Kiss It by DEV & Sage The Gemini, which will forever ever be a better song than N*ggas In Paris and not just because DEV & Sage are better rappers than the Camel & KanYe at this point.


d said...

Man all Rich Boy needs is like 3 songs a year.

Really upsetting me personal "Game is the worst of the last ten years" narrative him being on all these beauts. I got Thug Deluxe recently and lol he almost had me with the feature then crammed all the Gameisms in on the last few bars.

yeldarb said...

i thought you liked kanye?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Donal, that verse is practically the only thing I don't like about Thug Deluxe, though it's more to do with Game's voice sounding out of place on there than the content of his raps.

Bradley, KanYe's cool but I hate his rapping on Nuccas In Paris. Yeezus was also pretty bad other than a couple of songs.

d said...

Im no A-Wax historian but he does seem like hes most comfortable solo, other cunts would just get in the way. That line about spending drug money on Wayne & 2Chainz features was lulz though.

yeldarb said...

i quite like yeezus!

CrowleyHead said...

I wondered where this beat went!

I actually want to hear a Sage The Gemini version of this song. I wonder what Sage would sound like actually upset as opposed to being in robot mode.