Saturday 2 August 2014

Rap Game Michael Alig

"I don't think I'ma always take one route
Have a conscience but I hate to see it come out
Had a bomb bitch 'til she saw the funds run out
Did a couple things can't be undone now
Fuck it, I'ma rider
Suckas say I'm hidin'
Let me catch a motherfucker slippin', he ain't slidin'
Hope you pay attention and it's sinkin' in your noggin'
You don't want me ridin' 'round thinkin' it's a problem
You don't want me ridin' 'round thinkin' it's an issue
We gonna be around still to see if people miss you
Shit, we gonna be around still to hear the people dis you"

A-Wax - Mozart
(From Pullin' Strings album; 2014)

Wherein A-Wax's justifies the songs sub-Pusha T simile of Mozart in its first 25 seconds by rhyming "movin' them ki's, no pianist/opp sat his drink down, go pee in this".

What songs are all y'all A-Wax experts feelin' on this album then?


Queezy said...

No Limit, Fair Exchange, Trufkit

Anonymous said...

Any chance of putting up a compilation of A-Wax loosies not on Pullin' Strings? I don't keep track on dude like you do.

Sapj said...

Rewinding "40 Dollars"

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I'm not really familiar enough with A-Wax's catalogue to do that, tbh, Anonymous.

Your best bets would be to check out the compilation Ackbar made and links in the comments here and to find the Thug Deluxe album.

Fulci Lives said...

Definitely need to check out this album pronto.

Anonymous said...

neat soulja boy sample on this

David said...

Best songs IMHO are "Lick Read" and "Be Alone"

but i like lonely sunset riding music so