Thursday 7 August 2014

A glaring omission from David Drake's 50 best Ca$h Money songs list

Feels churlish to complain about a list which teaches the chil'ren about Lil' Slim's Bounce Slide Ride, Magnolia Shorty's Monkey On The Dick, and Juvenile's Solja Rag, especially since Drake didn't even get final say on the selection, but is any best Ca$h Money Records songs list really complete without Connected For Life?

Mack 10 ft. Ice Cube, WC & Butch Cassidy - Connected For Life
(From Bang Or Ball album; 2002)

The last classic rap song to feature a member of N.W.A? Check!
Ageing multimillionaire gangsta-rap posse cut done right? Check!
Mannie Fresh doing post-2001 west coast production better than Dr Dre? Check!
Integral part of Baby & Slim diversifying the CMR brand after Juve & B.G. left? Check!


Complex Comments Snitch said...

Too much Drake from Drake

Good list otherwise tho

GGGGGG said...

Mack 10 looks like a Garbage Pail Kid.

Joe said...

a truly wonderful song.

d said...

Im reading it now and its the shit but Ive a note too: Hot Boys version of Shine>>>>>

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Heard a rumour that Drake isn't safe to walk the Chi again after snubbing Boo & Gotti's Ain't It Man for this list.

I Need A Bag Of Dope should probably be in here too. Gotta have 1 B-32 Baby joint in a best of CMR songs list.

d said...

I Need A Bag Of Dope definitely. Straight From Tha Ramp & Mac Malph Calio never get enough love too imho.

Drew said...

For some reason i've never heard this before

hotbox said...

Never thought I'd be upset at Complex removing slideshows from their lists but this new set-up is impossible to navigate through. Maybe it works better on a phone but for us old laptop heads it's not happening.

Believe it or not, I'm not home said...

There's no way Nicki's "Lookin Ass" belongs anywhere near that list. "HYFR" is corny and should be replaced by "The Motto." The order is weird but whatever. The top 10 isn't bad.