Monday 19 May 2014

Remember when Pharrell's "Italian heartthrobs could not get rid of me" line from Mr. Me Too made XXL Mag's Step Your Rhymes Up column?

Just last week I was out in Choibalsan, me and 2$hin hoppin' off the plane holdin' keys like Mungonzazal Janshindulam. Week before that I was out in Kentucky, CRASH DDZ could not get rid of me.

Gonna officially Mr. Me Too that joint with the ghostriding accident Rey posted because my 128kbps YouTube rip of it sounded so damn good this past first weekend of summer. If there was a 2014 Sacramento X Bay Area sequel to DJ Mustard's Let's Jerk compilation then Stupid Clean would be the album's Fresh & Filthy correlative:

"Gassin' on you rappers, man, you n*ggas gettin' car sick
Cloud nine but I'm higher than a Martian
Call me Aladdin, n*gga, 'cause I'm flyer than that carpet
Lil' too sick, man, I got these n*ggas barfin'"

Selfmade ft. Street Knowledge - Stupid Clean
(From YouTube; 2014)

Selfmade and Street Knowledge's other song together Bounce That also sounds like it belongs on a Sacramento X Bay Area Bizarro World DJ Mustard album, but in this instance the album in question is Ketchup and the song's analogue is its namesake.


James said...

"Bounce That" was one of the best tracks on "Ketchup".

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

So, are we all agreed that Pharrell's verses on Mr. Me Too were the undisputed highlight of Hell Hath No Fury alongside Slim Thug's chorus on Wamp Wamp?

LOL said...

AboutBarracks 3 months ago

What happend to clipse, he should make more music

Zara said...

It was worth it.

2SHIN said...
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2SHIN said...

This is weirder than the time migos dropped that plug in mongolia line (we don't have the climate to grow crops let alone chinks drugs) because choibalsan the city is named after my great aunts husband.

might have to revive the rumour that im descended from mongolian aristocracy, get that prince of bhutan shine on

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

No footage of Mungonzazal Janshindulam on YouTube = anti Mongolian racism, imo.