Monday 5 May 2014

Live at the pumhouse

Spotted at where else but Thizzler:

Derek King ft. IamSu - What It Do
(From Fake ID mixtape; 2014)

Could this steal the Young California remix of Adrian Marcel's 2 AM spot as the best Bay Area Ratchet & Bullshit smooth jam of 2014? Nah, but it makes me feel like I'm taking a warm soak with the rumoured forthcoming £500 Visvim bubblebath that Hiroki is probably going to claim he's sourced from one of Jupiter's moons, and those Run D.M.C "AY YEAH!"'s are a subtle touch that make all the world of difference in the final product like cashew nuts in a Lucknawi chicken korma.

Why do all these new California R&B guys insist on using their unglamorous government names when they're supposed to be heartthrobs, though? Adrian Marcel sounds like the name of a creepy amateur magician from Quebec, and Derek King sounds like the name of a bloke my granddad used to know from his local bookies in the early '90s.


Toni and The Guys said...

Really don't get why Iamsu cuts his hair like that.

Anonymous said...

This is dope.

The real Derek King said...

Derek King also sounds like the name of a teenage boy who murdered his father with his brother