Monday 26 May 2014

I feel like Bol

Even New Boyz members got knockin' solo tracks in 2014, huh? Thank you, Ratchet gawdz:

Ben J - Save It For The Birds
(From Save It For The Birds single; 2014)

Theory of the day: Ratchet is destined to end up as the eminent trnd of this decade because it's a sound that can make damn near anyone listenable. Doesn't matter if you're a creepy Canadian soap actor, the world's most punchable man, a Chris Brown back-up dancer, an Australian glamour model, a former Game weed carrier with very dubious song concepts, a long washed-up one hit wonder, or White Girl Mob's least talented member because all you have to do is hop over a beat by/which sounds like its by Ratchet's holy trinity of DJ Mustard/HBK Gang/League Of Starz and, et voila, you have a certified slap on your hands.

Lil' Debbie - $lot Machine
(From California Sweetheart EP; 2014)

A certified slap is a certified slap and all, but $lot Machine got me feelin' like South Park Maxican over here. It's ya boy Stuart Hall Of Game aka Dave Lee Travis Porter??


yeldarb said...

operation yewTREE

d said...

Young Rolph
Kardinal Offishal Sean Brady

THE GUY said...


Trill ENT Young Miscavage said...

I better not see any Kate Tempest tracks on this site right chea.

Bob said...

Don't forget "Fight Night" by Migos being the 1 good song on a wack ass mixtape