Wednesday 21 May 2014

Generic list post: 2014 rap songs so far edition

Before we get down to business here's two questions I've always wanted answered: is that yung Berner in the car with Yukmouth in Mac Dre's Ghetto Celebrities DVD and, if so, why was his yung Westwood lookin' ass moustache thicker then than it is now he's an adult?

Anyhoo, here's a generic list post of the rap songs I've been feelin' thus far this year. There's a few 2013 tracks in there too since they came out very late last year/were virtually unknown until they received videos this year/only caught my attention recently. As ever, no order of preference and one song per artiste:

Ezale - Foreal Foreal
K Camp - Oh No
Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz
Agallah ft. Roc Marciano - Blaze Of Glory
Sage The Gemini - Bad Girls
Show Banga ft. Sage The Gemini - I Been That
ZMoney - Dope Boy Magic
Ampichino - The Eulogy
YG ft. Kendrick Lamar - Really Be (Smokin' N Drinkin')
Speaker Knockerz - Erica Kane
Chinx Drugz - Tell 'Em
French Montana ft. Jadakiss - '88 Coupes
Doe B ft. T.I. - WHY
King Los - Woke Up Like This
Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX - Fancy
TREE - Probably Nu It
5th Ward Weebie - Let Me Find Out Part 1
Young Lox - Legion Of Doom
Mic Terror ft. DJ Gant-Man - Get Off My Dick
Soulja Boy - Wassup
DB Tha General - Motel6 Intro (Phantasm)
Smoke DZA & 183rd - Flair For The Gold
Lil' Chris - Keep Your Head Up
Nicki Minaj ft. PTAF - Boss Ass Bitch remix
Young Money - Senile
Selfmade ft. Street Knowledge - Stupid Clean
DJ Kay Slay ft. Sheek Louch, Styles P & Uncle Murda - When We Ride
Migos ft. Young Thug - YRN
Young Thug - Ew
Ola Playa ft. YSL aka Young Thug - Don't Move
MPA Shitro Sanchez - Justin Bieber
PeeWee Longway & Quez of Travis Porter - Use Me
Travis Porter - Geekin'
Giftz - Movie
Mouse On Tha Track - I Mean That
Lil' Boosie, Foxx & Webbie - Pray For Me
Hurricane Chris ft. Lil' Boosie - Ratchet remix
D-Lo - Choppa Dance
JuJu ft. Tragedy Khadafi - Thriller
Max Minelli - Share My Drugs
Kevin Gates - Movie
Point Blank Fam ft. Kevin Gates - Rollercoaster
S.B.E - I Feel Like
Sen City - Cloud Surfin'
Lil' Durk ft. MeetSims - Money And Power
Snootie Wild ft. K Camp - Made Me
Fred The Godson - Quarter Past Three
Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck
J Stalin ft. Too $hort - Fuk That
Project Pat ft. Juicy J & Doe B - Never Be A G remix
Future - I Be U
The 99 Percent - Double Dip
Zilla ft. Young Dolph - Yeen Said Nothin'
SMKA ft. Rittz, Jackie Chain, Scotty ATL & RaRa - Pimpin' Mane remix
Stitches - Brick In Yo' Face

I'm also a fan of Clyde Carson's No Sleep but it bothers me tremendously that he finishes the song with a stanza that doesn't even rhyme.


Joe said...

dope list. i don't think you should be so upset about clyde's final stanza. he's a hook writer/beat selector more than anything. plus, your disappointment should be outweighed by his perversion/co-option of the Reagan quote.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I like to pretend he's trolling Killer Mike & El-P with that quote.

You're the man to answer my Berner questions, Joe.

him what said...

You've put me onto a lot of great stuff in 2014 already.

No ''On The Corner''? You never really post any Meek tracks as far as I can tell so I suppose you aren't into his stuff.

Joe said...

It looks A LOT like berner to me, but i really don't know. thomas will know. and maybe even willy and noz will know, since they seem moderately invested in him.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Joe, Berner's ascent is fascinating to me. He really is proof that the American dream still exists.

Jack, I like a handful of Meek songs, but not that one.

GGGGGGG said...

Thank you for putting me onto Lil' Chris.

sisilafami said...

Can we discuss the existence of Blanco ?
He's worse than Berner to me, and has albums (ep's) with jacka, messy marv & soon Husalah !


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Wow, so Blanco is basically Termanology with a best of The Misfits CD?

*That lad from Style Wars voice* "Every city got they own Termanology!"

Drew said...

You need to stop fronting on "Panoramic", kiddo.

d said...

This list is so stupido.

You can really tell how little Jackas thinks of Blanco when he doesnt appear in most the videos/only does studio vids. And just like Berner he wastes a lot of good beats. Theres 1/3 of a good Husalah song on the last Berner album

bad sign when Berners got a better verse than you though Roach

Ive been revisiting classic Mob Figaz lately and I keep accidentally hearing new Jacka and it makes me sad.

ackbar said...

Blanco's group has at least one good song:

Yay Boyz - So Fly feat. Cellski, The Jacka & Treal Real

ackbar said...

Jonestown has a few classic Mess verses that I look past Blanco for too..

49 Million Dollars said...

Need a RAR file of these.

Anonymous said...

i be u and no special the biggest tragedy in blog history

White Scott said...

List needs "Believe Me"

Thomas said...

Hella late on this.

If I had to put money down, I would say that is not Berner. That guy looks more latino than Berner and there a million latino dudes here that look exactly like that.

Looking forward to checking out these songs. Rap music is good music.

Joe said...

blanco is god awful and is ruining a lot of bay area rap/rappers at the moment. he makes me appreciate berner.

like berner, blanco must somehow be connected to drugs and just be paying these rappers beaucoup bucks to ruin tracks.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah, at least Berner played his weed dealer-cum-carrier position on the 2 albums with Jacka by choosing good beats and not being too obtrusive with his rapping.