Saturday 31 May 2014

Dunngeon Master

**Sherm The Worm voice** Get the fuck back in the car, Lil' TerRio! Rap's numero uno Little Big Man of the moment is back:

"Outta space in my own lane"

Lil' Chris - What Money Do
(From t'internet; 2014)

Between Keep Your Head Up, 2 Fake, and this latest single I'm now officially anticipating what Lil' Chris' next mixtape has to offer. Dude's camp really need to sort his digi-retail game out, though, because I've had to sift through tons of songs by British Lil' Chris and Thizz Latin Lil' Chris everytime I've checked the Amazon MP3 store to see what songs he has up for sale.

UK heads: take note of who produced this track and then insert your own Marcel Desailly joke here ~~~> ____________


James said...

This guy makes some catchy fucking songs.

Anonymous said...

bruv T Rok 'Doing Digits' is decent

THE GUY said...


breakin' brad said...

big ron on the beat!!!

RMH said...


AAOSI said...

This is coo but Keep Your Head Up is the one