Wednesday 14 May 2014

Soulja Boy = half Percy Miller, half Pharrell Williams

Has Soulja Boy just dropped his one customary great song per annum and the 2014 Picture Me Rollin' in one loosie?

"That's how I feel, I just did a deal for 6 mill'! N*gga, wassup?
It give me chills, man, is this shit for real, man? 6 mill'? N*gga, wassup?"

Soulja Boy - Wassup
(From King Soulja Boy mixtape; 2014)

Nobody raps about making and spending money with as much glee as Prince Soulja. Also, he got the look and the hook, plus he made the beat and he wrote the book.


Lost Art said...

6 million for a Soulja Boy emoji app?

AAOSI said...

I haven't liked an SB song since the "Pretty Boy Swag" remix but this is dope.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed this entire post wasn't made using strictly SBeezy emoji

Drew said...

What are these good Soulja Boy songs? Real question.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

2006: I Got Me Some BAPES
2007: Crank That
2008: Shopping Spree
2010: Pretty Boy Swag
2011: Swag Daddy
2013: We Made It
2014: Wassup

I can't think of anything for 2009 or 2012 currently.

Unknown said...

Gettin Paid w/Vinny Chase (not the Entourage geez with curly hair) was from 2012 wasn't it?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

There we go.

David said...

Prefer "Weed And Shoes" for 2011 which so easily improved and simplified the entire Wiz Khalifa aesthetic that he immediately fell off afterward

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Zan With That Lean Part 2 actually should have been the 2011 pick, but I have a deep affinity for Swag Daddy.