Sunday 18 May 2014

Reasons why I love YouTube: You've Been Maimed edition

Never forget the GHOST RIDE THE WHIP (totally sweet) video is now 8 years old! Moral of the story? Anything Brian Harvey could do, America could do one better:

Shout outs to Rey for posting a 2014 Bay deep cut which proves that ghostriding accidents are still commonplace in Oakland. Speaking of 2014 Bay deep cuts, this new joint by Chip$ & Nikatine from the NhT Boyz I just noticed in my Thizzler feed is a well-timed reminder that Chip$ is one of the only rappers who's ever made the #Hashtag flow sound appealing:

TK ft. Chip$ Black & Nikatine - My Bitch
(From Thizzler; 2014)


Queezy said...

Would love to hear Chip$ solo over Mustard.

Zara said...

WTF was that 2nd dude doing?

Zwoop nation said...

Chip$ has always been by far the best rapper out of NHT Boyz

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

First bloke is inches away from gettin' Phil Leotardo-ed after his monster truck ricochets off the tree.

James said...

I feel bad for laughing at the 2nd one.