Saturday 10 May 2014

Reasons why Westwood is the G.O.A.T part 23457

Because he just randomly played FM$ by the New Boyz!

New Boyz - FM$
(From FM$ single; 2012)

If you're British and you don't listen to the first hour of Westwood's show to get you amped up before you hit the town on a saturday night, plz click that red X in the top right corner and never read this site again.


Pelle Pellegrini said...

The Hood Classics show he did a couple weeks back was immense

Drew said...

Not listened to Westwood since he moved to Capitol Xtra. Probably should.

well dressed english lad said...

i do this so i can continue to read and comment on your blog AND ive got the mp3 player loaded with westwood shows for the daily commute bruv

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Listening to Westwood bellow "IT'S GONNA BE A FRIGGIN' MOVIE IN THERE!!!" during your commute will definitely prepare you for the day ahead in work.