Thursday, 27 August 2009

Reasons why I love Youtube part 4

Because you can find rare videos for hitherto unreleased 2006 Young Bleed songs and Big Mike & 6'2 songs featuring Young Bleed on there which don't exist in any other format.

Young Bleed - Put Your Stamp On It

Big Mike & 6'2 ft. Young Bleed - Down Home

Only problem is both are iffy sound-wise so even if you rip the audio (tip of the hat to Sha Deezy for the YoutubetoMp3 audio program which has seen everything from Dead Mike doing I'm Black, Y'All in CB4 to the Mastermind theme to Lox freestyles to the n.W.o entrance music being ripped 1*) they sound as though they were recorded in a kettle somewhere in Llandudno.

The Big Mike & 6'2 song can be excused for the dodgy quality as it was intended for a collaboration album between the two rappers which has been shelved due to Mike and 6'2 falling out with label who planned to release it (*2) but Young Bleed has released numerous albums since then and Put Your Stamp On It hasn't appeared on any of 'em. What an awkward bastard, eh?

*1 Don't you just hate when people upload movie scenes onto Youtube and then replace the music contained within the scene with their own cackhanded compositions? Case in point, I can't find the soundtrack to the 1986 Antipodean sci-fi flick The Quiet Earth anywhere and wanted to rip the main score used in the opening scene where the sun rises above the ocean but the selfish buffoon who uploaded it has seen fit to the edit out the building grace of New Zealand Philharmonic Orchestra's symphony and insert his own lumpen arrangement in its place. Setting angry wasps on this oaf would be too kind a punishment.

*2 Since we're talkin' about Big Mike falling out with labels it seems the perfect oppurtnity to pose this question : Is Big Mike the most couragious rapper in the game? What other rapper out there has the cojones to not only beef with J. Prince, a man with a reputation so fearsome that Suge is Peanut Butter Wolf in comparison, but to actually firebomb the Rap-A-Lot offices? Okay, he was shermed up at the time, but what other rapper would still be walking without a stick? Mike, we salute your intestinal fortitude.

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