Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Greatest movie scenes ever part 13

I mean, all the live at the amphitheatre scenes in Wild Style are unfuckwithable, Treacherous Three & Doug E. Fresh doin' Santa's Rap and Melle Mel's rendition of Beat Street Breakdown in Beat Street are great, and the Circle Jerks trussed up in matching tuxedos sauntering their way through a lounge version of When The Shit Hits The Fan in Repo Man is a headfuck, but the the Cro-Mags's storming their way through It's The Limit and Hard Times as The Iron Skulls in 1987 flick The Beat looks down from Mount Olympus at all other contenders for the position of best live performance in an 80s movie.

Let's see what teh internetz has to say about this scene :

tmolesky (2 years ago)

Yup - the movie that they were filming was called "the Beat" and the Cro-mags were called "Iron Skulls"My friend Jason (singer from Krakdown) was the one screaming "hard times" in the mic with Bloodclot - I remember that day like yesterday because I almost had my neck broken by a 300 pound stage diver...

danmack6872 (2 years ago)

I remeber skipping school that day also to to see this. It was the first time for me seeing the cromags live and it was awesome. Also, remember going into the men's room where the people filming were giving and offering everyone coming in there lit marijuana joints because it was footage they were using for the film. Have to see it was the fist and only harcore show I ever went to where I recieved free food and pot.

filler01 (10 months ago)

Ahhh to be alive during the hardcore 80s scene....I was still swimmin in my pops balls....

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Gaz said...

Richie from Underdog/Into Another on the stage during "hard times"