Thursday, 13 August 2009

So many different colours

Contrary to the belief of El-P, space-rap isn't supposed to sound like a flatulent Robbie The Robot falling down the endless staircase from the last episode of Ulysses 31 with Henry Blofeld talking on top of it, it's supposed to sound like this :

G-Side ft. P.T - My Aura

Damn. Who needs a Dungeon Fam' reunion when you got young 'uns flipping that whole luscious sound with an Alabama twist? P.T's hot-salmon coloured shirt kills it too.

Not a bad week for Martorialist approved producer Mick Vegas with this and the wah-wah geetar laden country-rap of that new Young Buck tune :

Young Buck - Bury Me Alive

So Buck really has signed C-Bo is his Cashville Records imprint? Interesting. C-Bo is long since past it but i'm certainly down to hear him and All $tar together over some Mick Vegas beats.


brad said...

i couldn't name you anything by young buck other than his verse on stunt 101 but this's hot

Boothe said...

That song is dope.

Though the video kills me. Especially the shot of FT with one foot on the wall, holding his coat.

They keep going back to that shot, and dude barely moving.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

In space noone can see you move, yo.