Wednesday, 12 August 2009

You best ax somebody about the man with the la-di-da-di

Last time i dj-ed out i was running low on tunes and threw the Snoop freestyle from the extended remix of Afro Puffs on and, whaddaya know, it ended up being my favoutite tune of the set. Snoop's stream of consciousness on here is more entertaining than the combined careers of Joe Budden and Rick Ross, and even low-rollers like MF Grimm, Viggo Mortensen as Lalin in Carlito's Way and Davros couldn't help but wanna get their 2-step on to that Dre beat :

Why, since there's already the G-Funk remix on the Afro Puffs 12", they couldn't have made this into a proper B. side track rather than a remix with a Snoop freestyle starting it i don't know. It could have been Puffin' On Blunts And Drinking Tanqueray part 2 with Rage herself and Tha Dogg Pound following Snoop with some similarly nonsensical freestyling. Rappers just don't know what they're doing sometimes.

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brad said...

fully agree

cmw used that same sample