Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Greatest movie scenes ever part 14

Here at The Martorialist we're not overly fond of the Po-po. Granted, this is because we're empty vessels who had our codes of morality shaped by NWA and Black Flag songs, but we do have legitimate reasons to hate the ol' bill, stemming from the times we were arrested for drawing obscene graffiti on the Mormon church as kids and for a drunken taxi-rank incident when we were early 20-somethings which involved a cracked window pane, the bumrushing of an empty taxi-cab and a police officer who looked exactly like P.C George Garfield. Swear down.

These days, however, we're more refined and enjoy nothing more than seeing meth abusing white trash being tasered and then having alsations set on them by Cops on tv and laughing as trustfundafarian protestors get tear-gassed in real life but, don't get it twisted, we still got no love for Five-O, yo, as we'll always call a copper a fucking pig..when their back is turned and they're out of earshot, obviously.

And when we can't do that, we just get our jollies from watching the police station massacre scenes from both The Terminator and Maniac Cop 2 (tagline : You have the right to remain silent...forever!), whooping with delight as our hefty, inhuman antiheroes get their 187 on a motherfuckin' cop on. Reeeeeeeeeewind :

Apparently there's going to be a Maniac Cop 4. As the only people on this spinning molten sphere who genuinely enjoyed The Lost Boys 2 : The Tribe, we're casually anticipating it.


James said...

That Maniac Cop scene = h.o.l.y s.h.i.t

dj said...

I always enjoyed that scene from The Terminator. It's why it's vastly better than Terminator 2: brick shithouse with guns will always beat little skinny guy with arms that turn into fish knives. Altho I guess foxy chick in leather should also beat little skinny guy, yet Terminator 3 was terrible.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I concur.

Edward Furlong's Public Enemy t-shirt was the highlight of T2 for me and the 3rd and 4th movies are just abysmal.

Never quite figured out why the Terminator franchise gets rated so highly.