Monday 6 January 2014

Waitin' to exhale, I can't breathe around a blogger

Gonna chuck an MP3 of my favourite song from the Stu Hustlah & Lil' Juu Lillie Street is the Street album up on here for now since I'm hopefully gonna be talking about it elsewhere in the next day or so.

"So much in my life, dope in my pours
Tryna find a way out, spittin' raps 'til I'm hoarse.."

Stu Hustlah & Lil' Juu - This Is Me
(From Lillie Street is the Street album; 2014)

EDIT: Wrote about This Is Me for Complex's newfangled daily Deep Cuts series. Feels guud to get a bunch of J. Cole fanboys to listen to a Murdergang song.


Jaspar said...

Love this kinda stuff.

Zwoop nation said...

Pours or Pores or DOUBLE ENTENDRE ??????

Drew said...

Good to see you back on Complex.

Joe said...

thanks for doing god's work.

d said...

Nice one cheef