Thursday 23 January 2014

Eatin' crustaceans with AZNs, talkin' flagrant

"Infra red on the glock
I'm gettin' head on the yacht
Your head got a red dot
Shoot your head from the yacht

Agallah ft. Roc Marciano - Blaze Of Glory
(From the internet; 2013/Alchemist & Agallah's Past And Present mixtape; 2014)

Really feel like Agallah's contribution to Blaze Of Glory was done a vast disservice when the song briefly made ripples across the Rap internet late last december because Ag' Liberace kinda checkmated Roc Marciano at his own game on it. Theoretically, you'd imagine Marciano would be the alkali to Agallah's acid and the song would've been rendered neutral as an unfortunate clash of mismatched flows, but Ag's beat was clearly custom built for Marciano, ergo the two of them proved to be a much better pairing than 95% of the guests on Marci Beaucoup.

Phew, that's the vaguely serious stuff outta the way, now let's talk 'bout the important shit; namely Agallah being the first rapper ever to have two entirely different hairdos in the same video last year:

Agallah The Don Bradman got the Glenn Danzig video point on lock like Sing Sing!


Unknown said...

You gave me a new appreciation for Agallah but he works best in small doeses on songs with better rappers such as his many collabos with Sean Price and Ike Eyes. In a perfect world Sean Price, Agallah, Ike Eyes would make an album together with Sean Price and Ike Eyes handling most of the rapping dutys.

Jamie said...

Strong image to song correlation here

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Shout outs to everybody who owns Telemundo on 12".

Lost Art said...

Dope song.