Thursday 16 January 2014

The Rap & Bullshit Karl & Susan Kennedy

Generally, I like to post the video of Mary J. Blige & Grand Puba doing What's The 411? on YO! MTV Raps at least once a year because it's probably my favourite Rap-related TV performance off all time. Mary & Puba have fun with the song's structure by adding ad libs and giggles in moments of previously dead space, their onscreen chemistry as they exchange zings as a form of foreplay is comparable to any of the sizzling scenes between Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall in To Have Or Have Not, and the bit where Mary walks down the stairs to join Puba onstage is my generation's version of Ursula Andress coming out of the water (no Weezy) in that James Bond movie. Plus, Puba ALMOST makes jhorts and a visor look acceptable:

Whilst it's an absolute tragedy that Grand Puba & Positive K only rapped together on the same song once, it's a crying shame that Puba & Mary only recorded two songs together as the Rap Game Mickey & Sylvia, though I like to pretend that Tiffini Davies' crooning on Puba's It Is What It Is is Mary as heard though the slightly-shoddy Babygrande studio equipment.

BTW, to avoid any accusations of "Rap Bro Internet" sexism from dudes who care so deeply about Female Rappers™ they never once bothered to write about any of them last year, I've added a new member to the Martorialist team to help me keep abreast of chick-Rap in 2014. What the job needed was someone who's in-touch with their feminine side and sympathetic to the various intricacies of urban America, so ladeez and gentlemen please welcome the only man capable of such a task: Will High!


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You need to interview Will High already.

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This song and the Brown Sugar Beatminerz remix with Kool G Rap are what all rap and bullshit jams should strive to live up to.