Tuesday 14 January 2014

Can we kill any indie dewd blogger who earnestly compares TREE to fucking Tom Waits?

After 8 plays in succession, Probably Nu It is my favourite song of 2014 so far and TREE is now two-for-two this year. Who'd have ever thunk Mr. Soul-Trap would sound so good doing drunk-uncle-with-a-Woodbines-habit sanging over such an ol' Dun Deal soundin' ass beat?

TREE - Probably Nu It
(From The @MCTREEG EP; 2014)

I think I'm gonna consider this as TREE's official remix of Stoner, and I mean remix in the old fashioned sense that he's had his wicked way with the song and recreated it in his own image rather than he's just rapped over somebody else's instrumental and/or added a few Junior Reid "WHOOA-OOAH" vocal samples.


Drew said...

Good call on the Dun Deal comparison.

This ep is shaping up to be one something special.

RMH said...

This is the best Tree song i've ever heard ya heard

Anonymous said...

Afroman called. He wants his style back.