Wednesday 29 January 2014

I blog like a parrot, I never been a pigeon

Here's my Deep Cuts for Complex this week: the Pimpin' Mane remix by SMKA with Rittz, Jackie Chain, Scotty & RaRa, and When We Ride by DJ Kay Slay featuring Sheek Louch, Styles P & Uncle Murda.

And here's the MP3s of both tracks should you need them on your phone/MP3-player in a time of crisis. Doesn't matter whether you're trapped in a lift or staring down a dark night of the soul, it's always handy to have at least one song featuring Jackie Chain on deck:

"I see a whole lotta lemon lames but I don't mention names
You pimp a lotta hoes on Instagram, you're really square like a picture frame
That ain't pimpin', mane"

SMKA ft. Rittz, Jackie Chain, Scotty ATL & RaRa - Pimpin' Mane remix
(From the forthcoming Kato's Revenge album; 2014)

"Shells in the sawn off
Goons in The Waldorf
N*ggas that I'm beefin' with hopin' that it's called off"

DJ Kay Slay ft. Sheek Louch, Styles P & Uncle Murda - When We Ride
(From DJ Kay Slay's The Rise Of A City mixtape; 2014)


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