Thursday, 7 November 2013

Rejected rejected ideas #2

Annual 2013 list of my post pitches that were so bad even Dan & Drew turned them down for the Rejected Ideas section over at Fat Lace.

I Sit Alone In My 4 Cornered Room Staring At Cankles - Scarface reveals he longer feels comfortable wearing shorts in public due to his rapidly thickening lower legs.

Just A Young 'Hood N*gga, Screech Raised Me - Future argues that Saved By The Bell was a better show than The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

M.O.B Dick - Jim Jones & Mel Matrix explain why they're the Rap Game Captain Ahab & Ishmael.

This Is Why I'm Shot - Mims uses a ouija board to speak to Lil' Phat's spirit in a bid to find out if he really was killed by some Ukrainian guido car dealer and Eldorado Red.

The Lyrics Born Ultimatum - in an exclusive interview, the azn bloke from Latryx reveals that he left the group because the blk bloke from Latryx wouldn't stop farting on their tour bus.

It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold His Cack - Dr Gillian McKeith teaches Bizarre from D12 how to turn those lead logs into flaky floaters.

Mouse On The Track - Lil' Mouse tests out whether Nike Flyknits are good for Track & Field events.

Street Nozzles Pointed At Ya Nostros - a Rap blogger dating series in which Andrew "Noz" Nosnitsky and Lauren Nostro go on a string of paintballing dates together.


Anonymous said...

fat lace will never die

Anonymous said...

you crazy for this one marty

L.A said...

Tried not to laugh at 5 and failed

Drew Huge said...

No-Limb It Records - How Master P used that scrilla to launch a spaz basketball team

14 Days in Lay - Overlord X enters the porn parody business

Shorty Shitstain: "Still alive, yo! 2014's my year!"

Committee news: Hardcore Committee disbanded, Juvenile Committee Inquorate, Masterdon Committee in session

"All A$AP variants now used up" declares A$AP Cuntocks

J Beez Wit the Remedy: Afrika Baby Bam's cure for Varroa and Colony Collapse Disorder

Drew Huge said...

Ask Miriam Stoppard: Should a 5 Percent Nation wife take it in the Born Universal Truth Truth?

Peak Flow: Did someone tamper with MC Trouble's spirometer?