Friday, 8 November 2013

Sicko Mobb are the new Migos

Which means all y'all lads & lasses need to knock it off hyping up another group who presently only have one great song and whose singular style suggests they will only ever have one great song since they've absolutely nailed said singular style already with Fiesta in much the same way Migos did with Hannah Montana. What's wrong with just celebrating Sicko Mobb for being a one-great-song wonder anyway when it means they're in such esteemed company as T-La Rock and Hot Stylz?

Sicko Mobb - Fiesta
(from YouTube; 2013)

You bloggers ain't nuthin' but models for pigeons on t-shirts by pretending those new Sicko Mobb joints with Lil' Durk and Twista are worthy of anything other than faint embarrassment for everybody involved in them. Being charitable, you could say that neither Maserati or Bitches & Bikinis are quite as awful as that Twitter-bait car crash between TREE & Danny Brown in Margarita Pracatan mode earlier this year, but both songs are hella boosy mismatches of rappers who just don't work together within the framework of the same track, and if you trendy disingenuous motherfuckers keep pushing them as THE NEXT BIG THING then we're going to end up with Sicko Mobb X RiFF RaFF X Ryan Hemsworth collaborations before the end of the year and a tragic string of mixtapes which nobody really cares about anymore a la Migos.

Related: how bad is that Twerk remix of Hannah Montana? Once upon a time only CJ Mackintosh and his UK Club remixes could flat-out ruin perfect Rap songs with such honking recklessness, but nowadays rappers have a more in-house method for spoiling their own shit: themselves. Ol' George Lucas tinkering with fucking lightsaber FX in the O.G Star Wars trilogy ass dudes.


David said...

I basically agree w/ all this except for the idea that the Durk/Twista songs aren't good. Ur putting the horse before the cart. IMO.

Drew said...

Erm, what about T-La Rock's album?

Habibi said...

The kids love Sicko Mobb. That's all that matters. And Remy Rick Routine was their better song.

Also I submit that the TREE x D. Brown song was much better than the D. Brown x Random British EDM Mogs series of songs he released in the interim between XXX and Old.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Don't you catch diabetes if you listen to more than 2 Sicko Mob songs in a row? The TREE X Danny Brown song would've been great if DB hadn't done that stupid voice on it.

Drew - Lyrical King sounds pretty silly by 1987 standards, imo, although I suppose Live Drummin' With The Country Boy is a notable WTF curiosity.

David said...

wait, cart before the horse.

point is, yes they're def one sound/one hit type dudes but usually an artist can knock out a few variations of their signature style before we all tire of them

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

But all their other songs are shit, especially the ones without videos where we can watch them + their buddies dancing.

CrowleyHead said...

The Tree x D. Brown song was not better than all the annoying dance singles, because while those were generic and whatever, they didn't involve Danny rapping through whatever erector-set microphone that Keef's been using on his last mixtapes.

I never understand how people can form opinions on Sicko Mobb.