Tuesday, 26 November 2013


After his brief pisspoor flirtation with Ryan Hemsworth (nowadays "selling out" for a rapper means letting some Canadian Tumblr DJ turn your music into a half-baked facsimile of something from a 90s Mo' Wax Trip-Hop compilation), $tarlito is back to atone for his sins with some real Sad Boyz Rap. Keep The Change from his new album features 'lito doing 'lito over lugubrious production which sounds like steam wafting up offa rain sodden streets, while Troy Money is a decent enough weed carrier in a Young Dolph Jr. kinda way and I particularly enjoyed his "had to change how I live so I could change where I live" line:

"I'm sippin' pink and smokin' purp
Sellin' weed, no felonies, a spelling bee when I go to work
OZ's QP's, HQ's of O.G, yeah I go beserk"

$tarlito ft. Troy Money - Keep The Change
(From Fried Turkey album; 2013)

Tha sample sounds kinda like an outtake from Bernard Herrmann's Taxi Driver OST. I'll be your BFF if you can identify where it comes from.


Alex said...

Sounds like the same sample as Rae's Pyrex Visions:


Can't take full credit for this, somebody pointed out the Rae similarity

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Nailed it. Cheers, Chemical Alex.

Anonymous said...

Used by Lord Finesse on this OC song first tho, no?