Thursday, 21 November 2013

Generic list post: Val DOOMican edition

Here at The Martorialist, we've only really ever fucked with MF DOOM on the occasions when he rhymes over MF DOOM beats, so, ideally, his official follow-up full length to Operation Doomsday would been made up of the best tracks from the King Gheedorah, Monsta Island Czars, and MF Grimm albums. If he'd have let ya boy DOOM Passantino right chea MC Serch this chimerical sophomore album, the tracklist would have ran a lil' somethin' like this:

1. One Smart N***** (Intro)
2. Fazers
3. Foolish (with MF Grimm & Megalon)
4. Mic Line
5. Rain Blood (with Megalon)
6. Final Hour
7. Anti-Matter (with Mr Fantastik)
8.Fastlane (with Kurious)
9. Escape (with Monsta Island Czars)
10. I Hear Voices 0 (with MF Grimm)
11. I Hear Voices 1
12. Next Level

Kurious, Megalon, and MF Grimm all would have had solo tracks on there with Fastlane, Rain Blood, and I Hear Voices 0 respectively; Monsta Island Czars would have been allotted another weed-carrier posse cut in the vein of Who You Think I am? with Escape; and the absolutely incredible Arrow Root instrumental those Scienz Of Life plums ruined on Next Level from the King Gheedorah album would have had DOOM gettin' all ? over the top of it as the emotive album closer instead.

Anybody fancy making this into a YouTube playlist?


David said...

Excellent post. I'm glad that Doom's rep has sustained whereas lesser MCs of the indie rap era seem to have fallen from public grace w/ time.

Mackey said...

Good choices but throw "No Snakes Alive" on there too

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

That song was unlistenable.

Impostas from the split EP with MF Grimm might fit on there, but the proper version isn't on YouTube so I didn't include it.

d said...

100%. Was just talking to someone the other day about how annoying his recycling beats was but this is a great alternative. Im always at this - rejigging tracklists, adding in songs etc.

No Snakes Alive beat is the nuts if it was mixed differently imo.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Not to toot my own horn here, but this as an album is so much better than Madvillain and Mmm Food.

Alex said...

But Mmm...Food was also mostly produced by Doom himself and there's a bunch of good shit on there ...

Maybe add the og version Nature Sounds version of Angels too?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I dunno, I only liked about 4 songs on Mmm Food.

Angelz is a bit too late for this. I wanna keep it as DOOM circa industry outcast era which officially ends with Madvillain.

Alex said...

Ok mad one I see you plan.

With that in mind, here are you on the early bootlegged Madvillain vs the official release? The bootleg has a different sound and appeared before VV and maybe even before KG started leaking track by track

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I think it was you who put me onto that Madvillain bootleg about 4 years ago.

Both versions definitely have their moments but I'm not hugely into either.