Monday 18 November 2013

Wu Wuu Wuuu >>>>>> any Wu-Tang song from the past few years which doesn't feature an AZ cameo

Welcome to the post where I stan for the occasionally unintelligible Uncle Murda & Rocko song where they both make funny noises at the end of damn near every line akin to Akinyele circa Vagina Diner. With its next level onomatopoeia based on a Martin Lawrence sitcom catchprase, Wu Wuu Wuuu is the final frontier of recurring phrase Rap, and Jahlil Beats' production is both pretty and ugly AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!

"My crew deep like the Wuuu
If you want beef, what it doo-ooo
You pussy by yourself, you tough when you with your creewuuu
I been tough since public schoo-oool
Momma whipped my ass for bein' bad at schoo-oool
Beat me in the shower is what she used to doo-oooo
Belt used to hurt, had me screamin' out OOOHH-OHHHH-OOHHH
Then I'd go outside with an attitu-uude
Flippin' on n*ggas, they like I thought we was coo-oool?
Over misunderstandings I'm eatin' n*ggas foo-oood
Call me the animal that took over the zoo-ooo"

Uncle Murda ft. Rocko - Wu Wuu Wuuu
(From Wu Wuu Wuuu single; 2013)

See guys, it's not just Young Thug who can make great Rap music by making daft sounds with his gob!


Drew said...

This is surprisingly good.

Daps said...

This is great.
Named my pub company after an Uncle Murda lyric from this track a few years ago:

James said...

This is awesome.

yeldarb said...

what drew said.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yep. An Uncle Murda X Rocko song shouldn't work at all, let alone work this well.

step one said...

Late pass: finally checked this after DLing the zips of your End Of Year list and have had it on repeat/stuck in my head for about a week now. Beat is lovely.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah, I played the hell outta this last year, Def in my top 10.