Saturday, 2 November 2013

Instagram Pam

Unhappy to find that there's zero trace of the Trill ENT roster on Foxx's new mixtape Shake Back (dude is now referring to himself as the "Trill E-N-T underdog" and will probably have to agree to an album with godamn Lil' Trill if he wants Turk & Mel to ever officially release something with his name on it again), but very pleased to report that the 'tape's highlight is one of Foxx's customary barbiturate-ballads about his everyday woes with a chorus which could have come straight outta Mouse On Tha Track's folder of golden hooks:

"Sometimes I wanna jump in my car, put the bitch in drive
Hit the interstate and just ride and get hiiiiiiiiiiiigh
And forget about the shit I go through
Fuck everybody, right now I don't know you"

Foxx - Ride
(From Shake Back mixtape; 2013)

Frankie Tha Lucky Dog done told me Foxx's "they on the internet too, put the wrong picture on Instagram and they comin' for you" line is an ill subliminal to the white staff at Noisey whose recent expose on online lean dealing got a bunch of black dudes arrested for using Instagram to sell syrup and post picture of illegal firearms.


Anonymous said...

"Fuck Me For Boosie" is very good too.

Dirt said...

Very H-Town beat.

AK said...

Vice stays snitching for pageviews. If they were real journalists they'd protect their sources. That's some bullshit.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Never forget that the lives of black teenagers have been ruined for a few hundred extra page views by ironic white Noisey writers.

Clive Martin is the only good thing about Noisey.

Trill ENT Young Miscavage said...

I like the reference to "Put Yo Pussy On The Phone" on "Fallin For A Stripper".

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Sadiddy Bitch would've been so good if Foxx's weed carriers weren't on it.