Wednesday 20 November 2013

ATLanta's Most Wanted

Since that dibba-dibba-dinosaur singin' ass hack Mos "Yeltsin Beyonce" Def is too busy indulging in publicity stunts to advertise that he's available for Prisoner-Of-War movie roles and fighting with John Mayer over #RARE Visvim gear at Union, it's left to Rich Kidz to bring back the spirit of early 90s Ice Cube:

"The cut locked up
Got Boosie locked up
Why the fuck Zimmerman out doin' what he want?"

Rich Kidz - Trayvon
(From A Westside Story mixtape; 2013)

Crazy fruity Swag-Rap didn't die, it just got political.


Queezy said...

Rich Kidz are so underrated.

CrowleyHead said...

There are just faaaaar too many good songs on that tape, at least until the last 3 songs.

AK said...

I've had that one on repeat since I downloaded the tape.