Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cobraswag & The Martorialist - #1 in your top 2

Nyquil gon' make me a star, I'ma make him a million, together we invadin' the building with a mix which'll take you on a 45 minute musical odyssey no man is safe from. It's all here : Louisiana Rap singles, Egyptian Lover ballads, 80s pop staples by Blancmange and INXS, slept on Mac Dre cuts with Dubee, 80s Chicago House classics by Maurice Joshua and Phuture, Danny Brown's dalliance with Swag-Rap, secrete bonus songs from deluxe Depeche Mode box set bootlegs, Carl Craig alias projects and a bunch of other certified jams we deemed appropriate for inclusion.

~~> Cobraswag & The Martorialist present : We're In Your Mix <~~
(A mix by Nyquil & Blogota Rich)

1. Webbie - Wipe Me Down remix (Intro)
2. Maurice Joshua - I Gotta Big Dick
3. Clams Casino - Track 13
4. Depeche Mode - Ghost In Your House
5. Mac Dre & Dubee - Westwayz
6. Mac Dre & Dubee - Hands For Holding Grands
7. Phuture - Your Only Friend
8. Paperclip People - Oscillator
9. Mc Eiht - N*ggaz Make The World Go Around (DJ Screw mix)
10. Fam-Lay ft. Project Pat - Money Makin' Trick
11. Egyptian Lover - I Cry
12. Rebolledo - Aire Caliente
13. DJ Jimi - Where They At?
14. Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling
15. Inxs - Never Tear Us Apart
16. Danny Brown - Lincoln Continental
17. Ed Banger - Greel
18. LFO - We Are Back
19. Mouse On Tha Track ft. Lil' Trill, Foxx, Lil' Phat & Webbie - Turn The Beat Up

Me, I've got the mixing skillz of a dead jellyfish or Eric Barrier with mittens on, so Nyquil handled that side of things and added such brilliant flourishes as the Matthew Africa vocal sample at 40:01. Together we dedicate this mix to the gumbo cookers, the Bourbon Street hookers, the aluminum can pickers, the drug dealer ass-kissers, the pork chop eaters, the CYC dick beaters, the bet'cha I could beat'chas, and all the holy Cobraswag and Martorialist readers.

Hey, you can listen to it on Soundcloud now too :


bradley said...

i trust "living on the ceiling" was one of yr choices?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

You trust correct. Still waiting for someone - anyone! - to Rap over the Egyptian-sounding breakdown bit.

Lars said...

mayn, even in the world of house music and obscure electro jams yall coming with the most crucial and critical selections......

but..... Y I no can download? r u apple users?

I wanna jam this at todays pagan holiday festivities getting fucked up like a viking.....

happy midsummer to yall tho

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Not sure about Nyquil, but I'm not an Apple user.

You should be able to download it off Divshare here

Mr Bozack said...

nice one fambam. a touch light on el-p tracks but i'll give it a go nonetheless.

Thomas said...

Super awesome to finally see this up bros! Will download and listen and feel smug about having an "eclectic taste in music" just like you guys while sipping Merlot.

Matthew said...

"Matthew Africa vocal sample"

This is the proudest moment of my life.

step one said...

Chris Tucker "daaaaamn" gif.

Looks gooder than good.
(Tried to come up with a post/hits/England penalties pun but failed)