Monday, 11 June 2012

Reasons why I love Youtube # 26

Because somebody has placed Fam-Lay's Clap Clap over the Slow Clap GIF AKA a loop of Charles Foster Kane clapping Susan Alexander's disastrous opera in Citizen Kane.

Fam-Lay - Clap Clap
(From Trained To Go album; 2012?)

Love this video for three reasons :

1. Clap Clap didn't make much of an impact first time around earlier this year so it deserves a bit of a second wind, especially since it's the closest Fam-Lay's come to rivaling the laconic menace of Skrung Owt and it's way more worthy of attention than rubbish Pusha-T dis tracks to Wayne, innit?

2. Fam-Lay and Orson Welles are apt bedfellows since the possibility of his forthcoming Trained To Go album featuring all the old Neptunes joints like Skrung Owt, Rock 'N' Roll, Amalance, Da Beeper Record et al alongside the recent tracks like Clap Clap, Money Makin' Trick and Beach Cruiser would basically make it the Rap equivalent of a fully restored cut of The Magnificent Ambersons with all the lost footage Welles left in Rio.

3. Fam-Lay's haircut and outfit in the real Clap Clap video were totally unbecoming and unsuitable for a thug-Rapper rhyming about guns, torture, pyromania and masculinity issues involving looking at one's self in the mirror. Don't let Mike (NJJ) catch you in them Virginia streetz lookin' like you're on that Blade shit, that gay parade shit, that dad-fitting denim jacket and parts in ya gumby fade shit, Fam'.


James said...

R.I.P New Jack Jesus!

Fosterakahunter said...

What the hell happened to this dude? 'Skrunt Owt' (original spelling), came out, what 4-5 years ago? Just now a video? Smells like a short stay-cation to the pen.