Monday, 18 June 2012

Today's suspects become tomorrow's victims

Already cultivated my Lil' Phat 'tache for the rest of June to honour his memory, so today I'm catching up with those two tribute mixtapes to the recently deceased Trill Fam Youngin; the T.I.P (Trill In Peace) 'tape by Traps N Trunks is fairly comprehensive and even features a couple of songs I'm hitherto unfamiliar with like Ima Dirty Muthafucker, while the #RipPhat: A Tribute To The Yungin 'tape by DJ Smallz & DJ Shure Fire would be the definitive Phat retrospective if it weren't bereft of a few key classics like I Do My Shit, Cuttin' Up, Feel My Pain and Countin' Money. Weirdly, both 'tapes are lacking in any Phat's material as part of 3 Deep, which I guess isn't so surprising really since I was unaware they'd recorded anything other the two songs on Survival Of The Fittest too until ANU put me onto their First 6 Songs mixtape recently.

Anyhoo, there's a few questions surrounding Phat's death which still need answering, damnit : does this Phat-sized hole in the Trill ENT roster mean Mel & Turk will finally start giving Foxx and/or Mouse a push again? Who'd have ever thunk Phat would die before Boosie or, indeed, Webbie? Can Mel plz release the NO-DJ versions of his dead son's Life Of A Yungsta and Death Before Dishonour mixtapes? Are there any crazy conspiracy theories floating about since the murder happened in ATL and not Baton Rogue? And why couldn't it have been Lil' Trill who got his balloon popped instead? I kid, I kid on that last point (sorta) - Turk's offspring might've single-handedly ruined every track he ever appeared on when he was Trill's in-house squeaky pre-pubescent sock puppet, but he did kinda rip the official version of Turn The Beat Up after his sack dropped :

Mouse On Tha Track ft. Lil' Trill, Lil' Phat & Webbie - Turn The Beat Up
(From Trill Fam : All Or Nothing album compilation; 2010)

Speaking of crazy conspiracy theories, it's fairly common knowledge that Boosie had been trying to leave Trill ENT due to money issues and Mel cutting verses from his songs to replace them with Lil' Phat cameos before he got sent to the bing in 2009, but did you know that he even went as far as threatening Mel on the unreleased-until-2010 song Free At Last?

"Fuck a contract, n*gga gonna have to release me
Mel, your goons ain't like my goons and you 'bout no beef!"

Lil' Boosie - Free At Last
(From Free At Last mixtape; 2010)

Could all of this possibly tie in with the rumour that Mel's other son was involved in the murder of Boosie's best friend Bleek alongside Marlo Mike and the recent gossip that Boosie plans on moving to ATL when he's released from prison? Damned if I know, but Trill ENT's labyrinth narrative of dirty money, murder, even dirtier moguls and attempted-murder is already similar to a Agatha Christie novella which takes in Alpo killing Rich Porter, The Lox's Let The Lox Go! campaign against Bad Boy, and Baby allegedly having U.N.L.V's Yella Boy shot to death along the way.


done said...

RIP too. You familiar with though? They did the famous Max B compilation, amongst other good deeds.

Ive gotten that into Baton Rouge rap the last year I cant even fuck with the Bad Lieutenant remake anymore cos they dont do the accent or anything, and that was my fav film in years whoadie.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Don't mind me, I'm just waitin' for some B.R dude with all the juicy gossip to slide through this post.

Billy Patrick said...

I miss Lil Phat. I'm impressed by your knowledge of the going's on amongst all of Trill Fam. I'm in the process of making a R.I.P Lil Phat shirt and my friend just painted a beautiful dedicatory shirt in memoriam of Slim Dunkin. Will show pictures someday when I leave the woods.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Hook them shits up.

Anonymous said...

Rip phat