Sunday, 3 June 2012

Martorial elegance # 63

A-Mafia adds his own tuppence to the never-ending brand harmony debate, yo :

Since the "real Harlem n*gga - no tight shirts or tight jeans" seems to be delving into his back catalogue for joints to give the ole video treatment at the moment (a Ted Dibiase clip drops this week, apparently!), he might as well shoot a promo for this ridiculously hardbody 2004 joint from when he first popped on the scene as the fourth member of Purple City alongside Agallah, Shiest Bubz and Un Kasa before incarceration saw him vanish and then reappear as a Cam weedcarrier on Public Enemy # 1 in 2007 :

"Sleep with my eyeses open
'cause them guys is scopin'
front on me, my forty-five is smokin'"

A-Mafia - I Ain't Playin'
(From The Color Purple mixtape; 2004)

If only it'd been Mafia instead of that Boo-from-Boo & Gotti sounding jabronie Penz on Glitter, eh?

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James said...

I'm impressed you know which one was Boo and which one was Gotti lol.