Thursday, 21 June 2012

Katie Got Jamz

Facts on stone : with her latest classic Hittaz Only Katie Got Bandz has now dropped more bangers this year than there are on the 2nd Nicki Minaj album, yet therm-ass bloggaz and opp-ass critics still prefer to write about the less talented Ms. Minaj just because she affords them the opportunity to pen pompous think-pieces about how a chick Rapping from the perspective of a Euro gay dude called Roman in a zany Pepé Le Pew accent is shattering homophobic prejudices that've existed in Rap since Grandmaster Caz rhymed "faggot" with "maggot" on that 1979 Coldcrush live 'tape :

"So I'm strapped like a dyke bitch
Big 30s and we shoot, we don't fight, bitch
Hittaz turn me on like a light switch
You a opp, that's that shit I don't like, bitch"

Katie Got Bandz - Hittaz Only
(From Bandz And Hittaz mixtape; 2012)

Here's the dilly, yo : if I Need A Hitta was Katie's game-changing My Melody joint which obliterated all former generations of chick Rappers in one fell swoop, Hittaz Only here is Katie's As The Rhyme Goes On joint where she really flaunts her flow and lyrical chops, with the bit where she tells her engineer Rich to "wait, man..I got gum in mah mouth...tweakin'" possibly even paralleling the opening conversation between Eric B and Rakim on Paid In Full in terms of historic Rap record ad libbing.


Boothe said...

"Pump it up, homeboy."

JuiceCrewAllStar said...

Shady's Go In is better than anything Katie's put out.

Anonymous said...

is this a joke?

Richard Tre Mane said...

I never joke when talking about Katie Got Bandz, old chap.

Fosterakahunter said...

You are waaaay more about Katie than anybody here in Chicago, for realz.

David said...

^^^that statement is blatantly untrue