Sunday, 24 June 2012

Reasons why I love Youtube # 27

Two absolute humdingers from the vaults of one Don Cornelius esquire today. First up we have the elaborate stage musical performance of All About The Benjamins by Puffy, The Lox & Lil' Kim at the 1998 Soul Train awards. If, like me, you occasionally find yourself wondering what a Bad Boy revue in Vegas would look like then here's a 2D approximation of our fantasy, complete with the requisite dance-breakdown where Puffy flaps about with all the rhythm of a toddler who has fire-ants in his slippers :

And then we have Elton John belting out Bennie And The Jets on Soul Train in 1975 whilst dressed as the eponymous evil hobgoblin from the Leprechaun movie franchise. Apparently Elton Da Sensei beat David Bowie by a few months to be crowned the first saltine to ever appear on t'train, and the clip is relevant to this blog's interests since Bennie And The Jets would later go on to be covered by Biz Markie and Mi Uzi Weighs An Elton pushes keys like ______ (<~~ insert generic Clipse punchline about tinkling the ivories here) :

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bradley said...

best soul train performance ever!